A Beginner’s Guide to Polo

While the game is still popular in the United States, it was introduced to the country by James Gordon Bennett in the early 1900s. In the United States, polo is played on a field where the horses and players form a line. The United States Polo Association was formed to standardize rules and handicaps for players across the country. There are currently over 250 active polo clubs in the United States. You can catch some of the best games in the world at these clubs. enjoy more here kannada songs download

The game is played much like hockey, with teams alternating between offense and defense. The team with the ball must be quick to attack by sending lead passes, while the team on defense must break up the play and check opponents. In addition to the speed and skill required, players must have a keen sense of location and anticipate the next move of the opposing team. If you can predict where your opponent is going to be, you can easily spoil his shot or remove him from the full hf movie from 123Movies

In polo, players must have more than one horse to ride. Each player must rest his or her pony between chukkas to prevent injury. High-level competition requires players to have multiple horses. Unlike soccer, polo is played with four mounted players on each team. A polo team may consist of either male or female players. For beginners, polo can be an extremely challenging sport. However, it is not as complicated as it looks! Please Visit For Liver Health Formula

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