Tips for betting on soccer without losing money

If you learn how to bet on soccer with the house without losing money, it will help players easily win against the house, this is the secret most sought after by many people today. However, much of this information that exists on the Internet is inaccurate, causing many people to be confused. The following article New88 will provide you with information about extremely accurate betting methods, follow the article to know immediately!
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What is bookmaker football odds?

Bookmaker soccer betting is the analysis and prediction of betting odds offered by the bookmaker for a soccer match. Betting helps players evaluate the likelihood of winning or losing between two teams and make more accurate betting decisions.

There are many different types of bets in football, including:

  • Asian Handicap (also known as Handicap Handicap): This type of bet is based on the handicap between the two teams. The higher rated team will handicap the weaker team by a number of goals. For example, a handicap of 1 means that the favorite team must win by at least 2 goals for the player to win the bet.
  • European Odds (also known as 1×2 Odds): This type of bet is simply predicting which team will win, lose or draw in the match.
  • Over/Under Betting (also known as Over/Under Betting): This type of bet predicts that the total number of goals in the match will be higher or lower than a certain number given by the bookmaker.

Why do you need to learn how to predict football odds?

Because the final result of a bet or a match can be accurately predicted up to 90% thanks to research and analysis of factors surrounding that match. Therefore, bookmaker football odds are a very necessary fact for bettors who want to predict in advance and most accurately the match that people are ready to play.

Why do you need to apply soccer betting method? It’s as simple as this:

When betting on soccer, bettors will apply factors related to the team such as performance statistics, players of the two teams, winning rates of recent rounds, weather, and stadiums. ,… All of these factors have a direct impact on the game, so betting will help bettors predict the match outcome more accurately.
Accumulate more football skills and knowledge: every time you bet, you have to collect a lot, even a lot of information spread on the internet. That’s why constantly checking the bookmaker’s soccer odds before participating in betting will help us accumulate more knowledge and skills.

Bookmakers’ guide to football odds 

How to bet on football when the guest has a handicap of ¼

In a football betting situation where the house has a handicap of -¼ or an odds of -0.25, you must understand why the house makes such a bet.

How to discuss bookmakers’ football odds

  • The house and the player will have equal potential.
  • The bookie needs to handicap the player -0.25 because of the home field advantage.
  • The home team’s odds of winning -0.94 are high, the house at that time wanted to lure players into this bet.
  • The away team’s win rate of 0.87 is low, if you miss a lot, you win only 87%, which is the hope that players criticize this bet.
  • Over/under 2 balls will give you 0.90 energy which is quite high (usually 90% or more is high).
    In Europe, if the Draw (X) bet is at 1.94 then it is most reasonable, the possibility of a draw will be there.
  • The bookmaker’s way of predicting odds at that time required you to be very alert to correctly deduce the details of the match and bet.

Conclusion and make predictions 

Depending on the facts obtained above, make the following judgment:

The away team has good potential and can play on par with the home team (because the handicap bet is lower than 0.87).
Those two teams will play slowly, scoring few goals (because the over only includes 2 goals).
If the home team scores, the away team will score a double (because the high probability is a draw).

>>>To choose the most correct soccer bet, you need to connect the events and make the decision most suitable for the match’s progress.

A few soccer betting tips to remember

Accurate home soccer betting is not solely based on the skills and knowledge you gain, so use some of the tips that we will share below to closely monitor your winning rate. myself:

Choose a reliable bookmaker to apply the bookmaker’s football betting method

Nowadays, on Internet platforms, there are many bookmakers setting attractive soccer odds to attract gamers, however, you must be very alert to be bitten and choose for yourself a trustworthy bookmaker to bet on. make bets.

New88 Rated as one of the most prestigious bookmakers in the current betting market. With many years of experience operating in the fields that provide the most betting games today, such as: Football betting or sports betting, online casino and lottery games.

Because of that, we can all feel secure when participating in this house betting.

Avoid the lures set up by bookies

Many bookmakers now often “trap” you by setting very high initial odds or reversed betting density to trick inexperienced players.
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So. Please monitor the betting odds set by the bookmaker and check the bookmaker’s football odds continuously, especially during the first half hour of the match to get the most accurate odds.

How to predict football odds effectively thanks to understanding match information

Find out detailed information about that game and don’t speculate based on the information you have.

There are many cases where there are two soccer teams against each other and there is a more famous team, so gamers bet on that team by default without considering the player’s injury or the lineup. yard,…

This can easily lead to mistakes and the immediate consequence is losing the bet. The effective way to predict bookie odds is to always proactively screen information from many sources before the ball kicks off. Accordingly, there is an accurate view of the odds offered by the house as well as how to predict football odds by the house.

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