Prices of Pakistani Wedding dresses online in Canada

Asian custom places a special emphasis on weddings. The bride and bridesmaids’ magnificent dress is a big element of these ceremonies. These dresses are more than just clothing because of their elaborate designs, luxurious fabrics, and vivid colors. They frequently have a high price tag, though. They are thus out of everyone’s reach. However, there is a fix for every issue. Thanks to technology, you may research a number of Pakistani designers online to discover the ideal combination of fashion and price. They combine heritage and innovation in a remarkable variety of possibilities that are inexpensive. I’ll offer you an overview of Pakistani wedding gowns in this article along with their prices so you can pick one. 

Pakistani wedding attire styles and trends

The use of distinctive designs, elaborate needlework, and cutting-edge styles has ushered in a new era of bridal clothing. It captures the very essence of style without costing a fortune. The stunning wedding attire shown below is from the website of renowned internet designer Daud Abbas. With only one click, you may have them delivered to your home from Pakistan or Canada. 

Masuri Gharara wearing a black minimalist suit

The use of a black canvas is a daring break from tradition. The hand ornamentation that adorns this ensemble’s surface is its true heart. A captivating ballet of light and texture is produced by the painstaking weaving of copper into the cloth. It adds depth and dimension to use kora, dabka, and resham work to this elegant pakistani dress.
A masuri gharara that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity completes the simple top. A net dupatta with embroidered borders is also included. So it is a fantastic dress to wear if you plan to attend a night wedding event. Due to the use of fine fabric and numerous embellishments, this dress is expensive. However, there is still a chance for you to save 50% and wear this outfit for just Rs. 59,999. 

blue-colored Walima outfit

Pink and sky blue are a color combination that captures everyone’s attention. This Walima wedding dress has Sitara embroidery and little flower designs. For ladies who prefer a modest appearance, it offers a classy appearance and is the perfect option.

In addition, the long shirt is worn with Katan pants that have a straight cut. The Dupatta is further embellished with a richly embroidered contrast pallu border. It can be casually draped over the shoulders to project a classic elegance. This masterpiece from Pakistan satisfies modern fashion needs while maintaining traditional elements. Additionally, it is quite reasonably priced and readily available. For just Rs. 12,079, the firm is offering a 60% discount on this outfit.  

fashionable dress in beige organza

Are you looking for Pakistani mehndi outfits embellished with sequins, golden panini, and tile motifs? This beige-colored outfit, which is embellished with gold and shimmer, harmoniously complements the Mehndi events’ color scheme. It also has a distinctive look.

It has a round neckline that is elaborately embroidered utilizing several methods. In addition, the shirt features beautiful Daman traditional motifs on both sides. Jamwar is used to complete the Dupatta’s borders as well. This outfit has wide-legged pants, which give it a stylish appearance. Following a 60% sale deal, its price has decreased from Rs. 31,998 to Rs. 12,800. This dress is more than just an outfit, so buy it right away. It stands for love, joy, and the amazing trip that lies ahead.


To make it simple for you to choose, I’ve included some Pakistani bridal gowns in this article along with their pricing. But there’s more! You can surf hundreds of websites on your smartphone in this digital age. Just be certain to locate a reputable brand online. Second, schedule your buying during low-demand wedding seasons. You can benefit from special offers and discounts in this way. Before placing an order, consider your shape and size while looking at several possibilities. In the event of any questions, contact customer service for assistance.

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