Most weddings happen in winter for sure. There are a bit more advantages to it, the long-hour rituals and all decked up in heavy jewellery and lehenga are more comfortable when you are not sweating through your makeup in the hot Indian climate. 

But to combat the cold, you need to gear up. Winter wedding colours in your fabric which are warm and keep you comfortable throughout are your go-to. Dark colours in maroon, emerald, crimson, burgundy in velvet, raw silk, and organza fabrics to keep you pleased. You don’t need to go overboard with the woollen clothes, the jewellery and the lehenga is good enough to keep you comfortable in the cold and at the same not make you feel like a toast. Click here for more Log in to Zoom

By sorting out the right wedding outfit, you end up giving the bare minimum to the wedding jewellery. We have only 24 hours in a day, it’s not easy. Anyhow, if you have already decided what your bridal look is or if you have not. We have got you covered. 

Presenting to you the bridal jewellery  that is gonna make you go all dreamy:

  1. A polki choker: to look like the winter queen a bridal choker set creates that very effect. Choker in polki design of uncut diamonds will give you a very sparkly, wintery feel while elongating your neck.. if you are going with a full neckline, this is your very charming bridal jewellery.
  2. Multi-layered haar– with dark colours of the fabric in your outfit, wedding jewellery in Kundan jewellery or polki is white and wintery. It sparkles through your wedding. Pairing your bridal choker set with a multi-layered one goes a long way. It gives off a very royal look and an epitome of elegance. Your bare chest is all decked up and you look nothing but beauty.
  3. Maharani haar- here’s the idea, maharani haar in polki design with semi-precious gemstones to contrast with your wedding fabric colour. May it be sapphire, emerald, or rubies. You look very royal and winsome. Pairing maharani haar with emeralds goes so well with a maroon velvet blouse and looks at you all drop-dead gorgeous and ravishing as you walk down the aisle.
  4. Diamond kamarband: a waistband in diamond pairs so well with heavy neckpieces. It’s simple and dainty and pairs perfectly with your outfit while projecting the white sparkle of your winter bridal look.  A waistband is a must in your bridal jewellery set as it covers your bare torso while accentuating your curves and giving a slimming look to your waist. 
  5. Jhumkas or chaandballis: wedding earrings are a must, you can not go amiss. Jhumkas or chhandballis whatever suits your personality, pair them in meenakari or Kundan or polki designs. A meenakari can be preferred over in the same or contrast colour with your wedding fabric. But earrings in polki or Kundan work perfectly too. Adding up to your white sparkle!
  6. Diamond ear studs:  if you are someone who is not very comfortable with big drop earrings, you can always go for diamond ear studs, not too small but also not overburdening your ear lobes. It creates a very vogue look with your bridal choker and multi-layered haar. 
  7. Kundan matha Patti–  a Kundan mathapati uncut glass work wraps around your head just above your hairline and frames your face to perfection while highlighting your facial features. Choosing a Kundan in design is a clever choice because of the glass reflection which adds up to the highlight. Giving you the desired reflection with perfect picturesque Instagram aesthetic pictures.
  8. Designer bangles: when you are going for the best jewellery for your winter wedding why leave the bangles which are the solah sringar of the Indian bride? A bride’s wrist is usually laden with the choodas but on your D-DAY going a bit more doesn’t hurt anyone. Completing your whole bridal look with designer bangles, diamond works or big kadhas creates a prepossessing uniformity that is gonna make you look like an elegant and graceful bride.

The whole wedding process is lovely, with you being the centre of attention all the time. Weddings are costly too. You go through a huge bill that sometimes is a point to worry about. Especially when you have spent more than half of the amount on the venue, and outfits. Wedding jewellery drops your jaw. 

But you don’t need to compromise on your costs or your dream jewellery set for your wedding. 

There is always another way.

! What if you could simply wear your polki jewellery without worrying so much about the money? It would be great, wouldn’t it? If your answer is yes, then you have no further to look for.

Simply go for the option to rent jewellery online. It’s pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly.  But when you are looking for bridal jewellery online, you want to make sure of its quality and authenticity.

Well, Rent n Flaunt is one of the most trusted brands to rent the best designer jewellery online. Rent n F Each jewellery piece is of high maintenance and the best quality, no one will be able to suspect that it is ‘something borrowed. They have everything ranging from chokers, maharani haar, mang tika, matha Patti, hathphool etc. you name it, you will find it.  Your one-stop destination to fulfil all your wedding dreams without any hassle!

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