Is Football Betting a Scam or Not?

Currently, in the online betting market, the appearance of more and more soccer bookmakers creates diversity, however, this means that many players face difficulties in choosing. A reputable bookmaker for long-term participation. Some bookmakers are having difficulty facing rumors about fraudulent soccer betting. This situation creates boredom and lack of trust among players in choosing a bookmaker to conduct long-term betting activities. So what’s the truth about this? New88 will answer for you in this article.
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How do scammers work?

To answer the question of whether soccer betting is a scam or not, the answer is yes, you will be deceived when participating in fraudulent bookmakers to appropriate property. As for reputable bookmakers, you can completely confidently participate without encountering any fraud problems.

Fraudulent bookmakers often use tricks to attract customers, including launching attractive promotional advertising programs with many great incentives. The goal of these tricks is to get players to deposit money into the system without a reasonable reason, thereby taking advantage of it to cheat and appropriate money through various fraudulent methods.

There are two main ways that scammers often use. One is to use technology through invalid software to control betting results according to the bookmaker’s wishes. The second way is to create difficulties in the withdrawal process, causing players to encounter many obstacles. At scam bookmakers, players often encounter delayed withdrawals for all kinds of reasons. In many cases, players even require players to deposit more money before being able to make a withdrawal, which the house then uses as an excuse to block their account.

Why do scam soccer bookmakers appear so much?

Today, the simultaneous appearance of many fraudulent bookmakers originates from a variety of factors. The advancement of cloud computing technology has opened up the possibility of placing servers in any location in the world, making tracking and tracing challenging for government agencies. This creates favorable conditions for professional fraud organizations to operate without being much bound by legal issues.

In addition, fraudulent bookmakers, often without operating licenses and providing inadequate information, regularly achieve large profits without having to comply with any regulations and without being subject to strict supervision. They exploit their lack of control and power to commit fraud with ease.

Although there are average bookmakers who commit fraud for only a short period of time before being discovered and challenged by players, however, it is worth noting that they often reappear by creating new websites and sponsor other bookmakers to continue the scam.

Therefore, the important question is how can players recognize the signs of fraudulent bookmakers, and how to avoid falling into their traps. Understanding and choosing reputable and supervised bookmakers is important to protect players’ safety and finances.

Signs of a fraudulent soccer betting house

Based on domain name

As we know, online gambling and the establishment of betting organizations/companies have not been legalized by Vietnamese law from a legal perspective. Therefore, many international bookmakers have to reach Vietnamese players through secondary links. Taking advantage of this weakness, websites have faked domain names to deceive new players. This trick seems simple but has caused many naive players to fall into the trap.

Furthermore, this is the way these bookmakers use to defeat their opponents and take over the market. So, before depositing money on any site, check the legal license to make sure you don’t fall for a scam! At the same time, a simple trick that players can do is: stay away from .net, .org, .vn extensions because they are definitely websites created by Vietnamese people.

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Superficial or non-existent customer support

The customer service department is an important ally of the player throughout the experience journey. If you find the counselor’s attitude unfriendly or unenthusiastic, stay away. This shows how professional and worthy the support is, and may influence your decision to stay long-term.

Cheated soccer betting guarantees high winning rates

If the commitment rate exceeds 90%, it is completely unreasonable because the house cannot maintain the system and pay employees only from the remaining 10%. The unrealistic commitments you may encounter at these places include attractive bonus offers attached to invitations, promises that make many bettors restless.

After successfully attracting players to deposit money, the website system may report an error, making it impossible for you to place bets and transactions. Many players even had to leave empty-handed after being blatantly cheated by the house without even knowing it!

Payment methods are not clear and transparent

Cheating soccer bookmakers often create continuous problems during the deposit process. In fact, this is a trick for them to confuse users, making us think that the problem comes from the network operator. Therefore, it is important not to arbitrarily make a deposit transaction without receiving official notification from the house.

At the same time, keeping transaction receipts will be important evidence, giving you an advantage in case you encounter the above situation.


In general, if you do not choose a reputable bookmaker carefully, it is very likely that you will fall prey to fraudulent soccer bookmakers.  But that doesn’t mean you should lose faith in reputable bookmakers. What you need is just to be alert to choose the house New88 prestige and participation only. 

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