Five Things Not to Say After an Arrest

The best suggestion is to give your name, show your identity, and keep quiet if you have been detained. Anything you say will be used against you, guaranteed. Read on and Get Help!

Here are five things NOT to say if you decide to say anything else:

  • I am at fault!

NEVER confess to a crime. (even if you are guilty). Innocence is presumed unless proven guilty. You should not cooperate with the police by confessing to a crime. It becomes more challenging to defend yourself if you accept wrongdoing.

  • I Apologise.

By saying, “I am sorry,” you are admitting blame, which might be used against you. Only when it is essential or needed that you apologize, the court or prosecution may ask you to prepare an apology letter if you enter a guilty plea. If you express regret, your lawyer might be able to secure a better plea agreement but save using the phrase until it is absolutely essential.

  • I Will Give you my Perspective on the Situation.

Even if you believe that discussing your arrest would allow you to explain yourself or make things appear better, you should not do so without an attorney present. 

All this will accomplish is to provide the prosecution with additional evidence to use against you in court and information that may be used against you. Any remark you make under pressure will not be accurate or present you in the best light since you will be under pressure. Your statement will be considerably better if you work with a lawyer to write it.

  • You may Search my House, Car, or Myself.

Never let a police search without a warrant. Saying, “I do not consent to any searches” or “I am going to remain silent and speak with my attorney” are acceptable responses. If you consent to a search by the police, they may look anywhere in your house (including in drawers, cupboards, sheds, beneath beds, etc.) and your automobile. (passenger area and trunk). It is preferable to demand that police acquire a search warrant. This enables the court to determine whether the police have the warrant to search. In fact, you will seem clever since you are aware of your rights and will not look terrible for declining the search.

  • “You Pig!

Do not call the cop a pig or a fascist to disrespect them. Not only does this offend them, but it also gives the judge and prosecutor a terrible impression of you. It is preferable to be courteous, decline any search, and keep your distance from them.

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