This New Year, go Old-School with These 5 Best IROC Wheels!

Few aftermarket rim companies have as much history behind them as IROC Wheels. The way they changed muscle cars forever is the stuff of legends and almost all automobile enthusiasts are aware of the achievements that IROC has left since 1973.

IROC is short for ‘International Race of Champions’, a sporting event of great prestige that was held in that year. It was meant to be the battle of very high stakes to determine which driver (everyone from NASCAR to Le Mans and IRL participated) was the champ of champs. All competitors had to drive the Porsche Carrera RSR. Click here for more about Fab Guys

At the last moment, the Carrera was replaced by a Chevy Camaro, an arch-rival. The Camaro was in use till 1980 when the competition was disbanded for a few years and later made a comeback in 1984 with the Camaro Z/28, later called the IROC Z/28.

Since 1984, almost every aftermarket rim aficionado has tried out the IROC-Z at least once – especially if they like hulking and powerful cars. The Camaro IROC-Z retired more than 3 decades ago, but the legacy of IROC Wheels remains a tale that needs retelling at times.

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Keep in mind that all IROC rims that are available today share 2 characteristics:

  1. They still retain the muscle car look that some might deem outdated
  2. These are reps, or replica rims of the original wheels that almost allowed the Camaro Z/28 to fly!

Sounds great! Which are their top models?

If you are planning to take home a set of IROC rims, congratulations! You’ve great taste, and this is completely true.

While there are several outlets that sell these rims, only a handful have the stock and the knowhow to actually be of help if you require some advice on sizes and bolts, not to mention offsets. We often visit AudioCity USA in Santa Fe Springs, California, for their splendid advice.

You can, however, visit those professionals you trust!

Fasten your seatbelts as we look at the best IROC Wheels available right now.

  1. IROC FR11: Let’s start off with a true classic, the 5-spoked FR11. This rim has graced almost every vehicle imaginable; from low-slung Ferraris and BMWs to Tesla models and from Lamborghinis to Cadillacs. The most popular variant is the 20-inch chrome-covered rim with 5 lugs.

This is a 1-piece cast rim manufactured using 6061-T6 alloy and has the tensile strength that would make several rivals a bit envious. The FR11 is flow-formed, meaning it is as light as it is strong.

If you do own a new Camaro, this specific model of IROC Wheels will be the knockout blow that you have been waiting for! While chrome remains the only finish available, market watchers say a satin black sibling is en route.

  1. IROC-Z Black 22-inch: This is the bigger sibling of the FR11. IROC does not add fancy names to its rims; instead, it has stuck with custom and uses several different sizes as the sole differentiator. This is the 5-lug version of the rim that suits all Camaros shipped between 2010 and 2021.

Made in the United States, the brand is owned by ‘Factory Reproductions’. This particular model is staggered, meaning it will let you use different tires on the axles. It is a boon for a big cat like the Chevy Camaro.

Thanks to its lightweight but surprisingly durable nature, you can now take your favorite Camaro SS (or even a Toyota Camry if you feel like it!) for a spin on off-roads as well. However, this is not a strict off-road rim and is best-suited for cities and suburbs.

  1. IROC ZL1: This is your go-to rim if you are looking to score a few quick brownie points for your 5th-generation Camaro. This is another 1-piece cast rim that costs a lot less than most other brands which also target the Camaro and even Porsches. It has a clean, multi-spoke design with 6 lugs and minimal machining.

While the ZL1 looks very minimalistic, it is certainly one of the finest choices for your sports car. It has a deep concave profile and is ideal for off-roading.

Did we mention that the ZL1 is at its best when adorning older Camaros? They are like time capsules!

  1. IROC Z-6 Lug: The 22-inch IROC Z has 6 spokes that are covered in a ton of shining chrome and which kiss the inner lip in a way only true muscle car owners will understand! IROC Wheels has also launched smaller and larger versions of this model, but it is the 6-lug 22-inch one that keeps selling year after year.

This is another flow-formed rim and each one weighs around 32 pounds. All models offered by IROC are compatible with bigger brake calipers and modded TPMS. This is no exception.

We spotted a shining set of these rims on a rather old Silverado just a few weeks ago. We must say that had it not been for these rims, you might have simply overlooked the car and wandered off!

  1. IROC Z10: Rounding off this wee list is the Z10, a beast of a rim. This is available in either chrome or black and can carry off oversized tires with elegance and ease. The Z10’s 5-spoke design is timeless and its central cap is finely machined with the logo.

This rim is one of the bestsellers of the range. It looks exactly like the standard Z/28s of yore, down to the lip design.

Before we go…

IROC Wheels might have been crafted for the Camaro but don’t let that cramp your style! No way!

Also, there are plenty of fakes doing the rounds. It’s recommended that you buy a set from an established retail outlet only.

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