Lifestyle deer farm. What does it take to start?

Lifestyle animal farming refers to a type of small-scale animal farming that is typically carried out by individuals for personal or family use, rather than for commercial purposes. This type of farming often involves raising animals for food, fiber, or other products, in a way that aligns with the farmer’s values and lifestyle. Lifestyle animal farming may place a strong emphasis on humane treatment of animals, sustainability, and self-sufficiency. The scale of lifestyle animal farming can vary greatly, from a few chickens in a backyard to a small herd of livestock on a small farm.

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Lifestyle deer farming is often pursued for personal enjoyment rather than for profit. The focus is typically on keeping a small number of deer for aesthetic purposes. This type of farming is not driven by commercial goals, but rather by a desire to live with and enjoy the presence of deer.

If you’re interested in starting a lifestyle deer farm, there are several key things you’ll need to consider and provide for your animals.

Firstly, you’ll need to have sufficient land, with a minimum of one acre per deer, although more land may be required if you’re raising fallow deer or if your land is particularly productive.

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You’ll also need to create sheltered paddocks with sturdy fences that are at least 2 meters high to keep your deer safe and contained. To handle your deer for routine procedures such as drenching, vaccination, velveting, and tuberculosis testing, you’ll need high-sided races and yards.

Additionally, you should be prepared to provide supplementary feed when the natural browse and pasture have been depleted. This means having enough money set aside to purchase additional food for your deer.

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Finally, having good basic knowledge about deer and access to reliable advice on their nutrition, reproduction, health, and disease is crucial. It’s important to have a solid understanding of these topics so that you can properly care for your deer and ensure their wellbeing.

It’s important to be comfortable around deer if you plan to start a lifestyle deer farming operation. If you are nervous or frightened of deer, it’s best to not work with them, as they are highly sensitive to human behavior and can detect nervousness. Go and spend a week working with a farmer.

Lifestyle deer farming can be rewarding for those who enjoy being around deer, but it’s not for everyone. You need to derive great pleasure from looking at deer in your paddocks in order to justify the time, effort, and resources that you’ll need to invest. This type of farming requires dedication and a willingness to make sacrifices, so it’s important to be sure that it’s something you’re truly passionate about before diving in.

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