Sorghum – Interesting Facts About This Plant

The genus Sorghum is a family of flowering plants. Some species are grown as cereals for human consumption, while others are used as pastures for livestock. Here are a few interesting facts about this plant:

Sorghum virgatum

Sorghum is a versatile crop that grows well in semi-arid regions. Its wide root system and waxy coating of the leaves enable it to survive periods of drought and still produce a crop. Sorghum seed heads develop over a longer period than other grain crops, and even short periods of water stress do not prevent the development of the kernel. This trait has made it a valuable subsistence crop for farmers in semi-arid regions.

Sorghum virgatum originated in the African continent, where it is known as pearl millet. It has also been called the hyacinth bean and cow pea. While the wild species are found in Africa, it is believed to have spread eastward with the arrival of humans. Before Roman times, sorghum was unknown in the Mediterranean area. However, it was widely cultivated in Iraq by the 10th century and became the staple food of the Kirman in Persia.More Movies Download from here 1Filmy4wap

Sorghum is known as a “powerhouse of nutrition” because it is rich in protein, iron, and vitamin B2. Some varieties are also rich in antioxidants. Despite being a low-calorie grain, sorghum has many uses as a grain, including making porridge, bread, and couscous. It is also a useful plant for building materials and fodder. It is grown in the United States, southern Africa, and many other regions of the world.

Sorghum is a strong, slender grass that grows to a height of between six and twenty-four centimeters (two to five feet) and has a sweet, juicy pith. Its leaves are about five centimeters (2 inches) wide and eighty centimeters (two feet) long. The sorghum flour is a spikelet of five or six petals, containing between eight and three hundred or three kernels. Sorghum is also used as food, especially in India and Africa. Many sorghum recipes are available online. Please Visit For entertainment all about Soap2Day

The plant is used in brewing beer and is a major cereal crop worldwide. It is also used for food, fodder, and biodiesel. It is widely grown in arid areas, where it is the primary food grain for approximately seventy million people. It also serves as a substitute for maize in livestock feed and in pasture and hay production. It is also used in the construction of brooms and brushes.More Movies Download from here Movieorca.

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