HaanGlas VIG Solutions

HaanGlas VIG solutions are a great way to ensure that your glass is safe, secure and energy efficient. The company uses the latest technology to design and create a glass that will be safe for both you and your family. This includes low-temperature metal edge sealing technology, which reduces dizziness and upper respiratory tract infections.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Vacuum insulated glass (VIG) is a revolutionary technology. It has been proven to be highly reliable in practical applications. Using vacuum insulating glass in your next building can help you save energy and money. The technology can reduce energy consumption and even improve safety. VAGs are thin and light, and offer superior thermal performance. They are also easy to install and can be used in virtually any glass system.

In addition to providing a superior thermal performance, vacuum insulating glass also prevents condensation. Because of this, it can provide a long life for refrigerators. Additionally, it can also contribute to lower operating carbon emissions. HaanGlas VIG solutions is the world’s top producer of vacuum insulating glass. They are IGCC and SGCC certified, making them a safe choice. Their products are available in a variety of styles and features.

One of the most popular products is their VacuMax VIG. This unit consists of two lites of tempered glass separated by a proprietary metal seal. Compared to conventional insulating glass, the thermal performance of the VacuMax is two to four times better.

Reduces Dizziness And Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

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Improved Glass Safety

Vacuum insulated glass (VIG) is a new type of insulating glazing with a thin and light construction. Its strength is higher than that of normal tempered glass, and its thermal insulation is excellent. This type of glazing is ideal for glass facades and is also suitable for refrigerators. The history of VIG starts at the time when the technology was first patented. As the development progressed, the concept faced greater technological challenges.

Initially, the concept was considered too costly and risky for commercialization. Many companies doubted that it would be successful. However, the first practical samples were made in 1989.In the following years, a few patents were issued, and the technology continued to evolve. A major research program was undertaken at the University of Sydney. These efforts led to a practical and production-compatible VIG.nAt that time, HaanGlas was the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum insulated glass. HaanGlas began exporting VIG to Europe and North America, and it became an essential component of the company’s products.

Low-Temperature Metal Edge Sealing Technology

The HaanGlas VIG low-temperature metal edge sealing technology is used to seal vacuum insulating glass. It prevents the glass from annealing and allows for a higher level of thermal insulation. In addition to improving the insulation value of a vacuum insulating glass unit, this technology can also create a more durable edge seal. Compared to traditional vacuum IG units, which use a fused solder glass peripheral seal, what’s vacuum glazing offers improved sealing performance.

Several companies have worked to commercialize the VIG. NSG has been one of the first to market a commercialized VIG unit. A number of important research studies have been conducted by other academic institutions and other government laboratories. Another important development in the development of the VIG is the continuous manufacturing process. This technology enables a larger volume of a single product to be manufactured. However, this process is relatively capital intensive.

The process of manufacturing a VIG begins with preparing the bottom or top glass panel. The perimeter of the glass panel is coated with frit or glass solder paste. Next, the glass is heated to a temperature that melts the frit. As the frit melts, it forms a solid coating on the glass.

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HaanGlas is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum insulating glass (VIG) solutions. Using the company’s high performance VAGs, you can reduce your carbon emissions and create a more comfortable living environment. Moreover, HaanGlas VIG solutions can lower your electricity costs and provide you with long-lasting refrigerator doors.

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