What is Fish Shooting? How to Play Golden Toad Fish Shooting

An attractive game that many online players are looking for is Golden Toad fish shooting. This is a game with many new features and attractive rewards for customers. The content of the article followshome page JUN 88 will help you better understand this fascinating game.

Some features of the fish shooting game Golden Toad

Golden Toad fish shooting game is a hot new online prize exchange game on the market. This game is chosen by many people thanks to its accessible gameplay, simple shooting style, and extremely fast winning.

Golden Toad fish shooting was born with many new features to help fishermen satisfy their entertainment and help their emotions sublimate. Almost like other fish hunting games, it has a similar gameplay style to the traditional one. Participants will take turns following the clearly stated steps.

It depends on the house’s regulations when starting to participate in pre-playing options to access the game. In today’s era, instead of betting on websites, you can participate right on your smartphone.

This is an extremely convenient and user-pleasing version. In terms of graphics, betting methods, betting odds, etc., it is very similar to the website version so it is very easy for you to reach users.

In addition, Golden Toad fish shooting is also a very familiar name like the reward slot game, which also has heat that makes many bettors restless. So when choosing to participate in this game to experience, you need to pay attention to not confuse the game lobby!

Instructions on how to play Golden Toad fish shooting

The steps to play Golden Toad fish shooting have been clearly stated by  Jun88 through the following content:

First step: Click on the link

The first step, gamers need to search for the Golden Toad fish shooting section. Proceed to access the link to download

Step 2: Register to shoot Golden Toad fish

If you have ever played and experienced here, you only need to fill in all the information in the fields: Username – account password to be able to access your personal account.

In case you come to this house for the first time, of course you have to click on register to create an account. The information you need to provide is:

  • Account name, username.
  • Date of birth.
  • Email address, phone number, linked bank account.

Step 3: Experience the great game

Your screen will now immediately switch to the main interface of different online betting games. You search for the “fish shooting” category on the  Jun88 homepage to start exploring the experience.

Next, when entering the betting vault of fish shooting, participants choose the betting hall “Golden Toad fish shooting” to continue.

Final step: Start playing

After you have clicked on the fish shooting icon, the game will start immediately. Now what you need to do is to take the following steps: Bet amount in the match, choose the room to play, choose the weapon, number of bullets, level of fire, etc.

Once the house’s system has recognized the player’s actions, the screen will switch to the main interface for experience.

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Extremely attractive Golden Toad fish shooting promotion

For this game, you will receive many preferential policies for individuals and groups when participating in this game such as:

  • Participating in Golden Toad fish shooting will randomly receive gift codes for new players when becoming a member of  Jun88.
  • The first deposit of Golden Toad fish shooting game gives you a 100% bonus for new accounts.
  • The player with the highest score on the leaderboard will receive many preferential and attractive gifts at the end of the match.
  • Not only that, this place also appears throughout the reward wheel to get a lot of cash for lucky players. Specific rewards such as: phones, laptops, motorbikes, gold, Ipad, etc.
  • When participating, players will have the opportunity to redeem high rewards and will not incur any additional fees.
  • In rounds, if any player destroys a big boss, they will be given extra bullets.


Finally, what is the Golden Toad fish shooting game and how to play it? Surely through the article above on the  Jun88 bet homepage, players will have somewhat understood. Hopefully through this content you will apply it and bring many great rewards for yourself!

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